Gang Alternative, Inc. Youth Visit Annual YEX Camp


GA youth were encouraged to step away from the distractions of the world and be challenged by the truth of God’s word at YEX Camp. YEX Camp is a summer camp for youth ages 13 and up that offers power-packed ministry by outstanding youth leaders and bands. Activities include outdoor sports, swimming, canoeing, games, arts, dance, and drama workshops.  As we prepared for camp, we asked our youth why they wanted to attend YEX. See responses below:

“The reason I want to go to YEX is because I want to be around young people who are hungry for the word of God [and] be able to communicate with other young people in the same age group as myself. I want to leave the camp knowing that I am not going home as the same person, I want to go home as a person that is confident in themselves to make a change in their community and
in the school that I am attending.”
– Eli-el Lassin

“The reason I want to go to YEX is because I know that this will help me complete my bond with God. I am officially going all in with God and this will allow me to seal the deal. God has never been my go to person and I want to build that bond with him. What I expect to experience at camp is a different approach to God. I want to learn how to be consistent with my prayers and learn how to speak to God more easily, I want to take praise and worship seriously because God is a very important factor in everyone’s lives and he deserves so much more, and I want to learn and understand more about the Lord. God is a very big deal and YEX represents that very well.”
– Nathalie Apollon

Featured images show youth being baptized while attending YEX Camp.