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    Title: Driver
    Reports to: Director of Operations
    Employment Type: Part-time

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    Operate the van and transport school-aged children safely and efficiently over specified routes to and from school and home.
    ● Ensures that the van can be operated safely before driving and conducts pre-trip safety inspections.
    ● Operates the van safely over an assigned route, picking up and delivering only authorized children.
    ● Reports all accidents immediately and completes required accident reports and submit to Program Managers immediately.
    ● Notifies the proper authority in cases of mechanical failure, safety deficiencies or other incidents.
    ● Returns the van to the assigned parking lot, performs a final inspection, and secures the van according to procedures.
    ● Document van mileage and maintenance log daily and monthly as required.
    ● Take vans in for servicing and return to GA locations as required.
    ● Monitors passengers during transit for the purpose of maintaining order and ensuring the safety of passengers.
    ● Obey all traffic laws and is responsible for payment of any traffic infractions incurred.
    ● Redirect children appropriately when required to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
    ● Keeping assigned van(s) clean at all times, including arranging for monthly detailing.
    ● Ensuring that all required paperwork and equipment such a fire extinguisher, first aid kit are in van, available for use and in working condition at all times.


    ●Bilingual preferred but candidate must be able to communicate in English.
    ● Available to work the required program hours
    ● Reliable personal transportation and personal cellular phone
    ● Pass FDLE Level II criminal background check (fingerprint)
    ● Pass drug screening

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