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    Program Manager, Gang Suppression and Intervention Programs

    Title: Program Manager, Gang Suppression and Intervention Programs
    Reports to: Director of Programs
    Employment Type: Full-time
    Work Location: Miami-Dade and Broward County
    Salary Range: $60,000-$70,000


    Position Summary


    The Program Manager is Gang Alternative, Inc.’s expert in gang intervention, prevention, and suppression, and community violence intervention strategies.


    Gang Alternative, Inc.’s Violence Intervention and Gang Suppression Programs have the primary goal of reducing youth gang activity through the employment of prevention and intervention strategies. The program services high-risk youth in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties and uses an integrative approach, including utilizing a collaboration of community organizations to incorporate a broad spectrum of proven, research-based interventions designed to address the full range of personal, family, and community factors that contribute to high levels of juvenile delinquency and gang activity.


    The Program Manager is directly responsible for coordinating all program activities; achieving timely and effective implementation of grant deliverables; fostering strong working relationships with a network of various social partners collaborating for collective impact to address the social and environmental challenges that enable and foster youth engagement in gang activity in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. S/he will track the implementation of the work plan. The Program Manager is responsible for facilitating strategy development and implementation processes with a broad range of stakeholders based on program objectives; analyzing the alignment of resources and organizational systems in place. S/he will also support initiatives that facilitate effective planning practices and resources across the network of stakeholders.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Coordinate the Multi-agency Community Task Force and Implementation Team in Broward and Miami Dade Counties to support the achievement of program goals. This includes forming and maintaining stakeholder partnership efforts for key systems linkages.
    • Intervenes with gang members and those students on the fringe of gang involvement through direct individual advisement and through conflict resolution activities with disputing parties and meeting with parents/guardians for the purpose of bringing about a disassociation with gangs and/or making the parents aware of their youth/student’s involvement with gangs.
    • Develop and facilitate public information campaigns on youth gang violence and engagement reduction.
    • Conduct outreach to engage youth participants who may have current or past gang affiliation.
    • Coordinate delivery of evidence-based life skills programming to in-school youth in an after-school modality.
    • Maintain a variety of confidential and non-confidential manual and electronic lists and records (e.g. interventions, gang members and affiliations, etc.) for the purpose of compiling and documenting activities in compliance with requirements.
    • Coordinate delivery of workforce development and life skills programming to out-of-school youth during the regular workday and on weekends.
    • Supervise the preparation of customized intervention plans for program participants and communicate progress updates with implementation teams.
    • Supervise coordination of mentoring and community service projects in addition to skill development sessions for youth and their families.
    • Ensure that the organization stays abreast of trends and emerging trends as it pertains to gang activity in South Florida including gun violence.
    • Conduct ongoing local, regional, and national research on gang violence, reducing gang involvement, and suppressing gang‐related crime.
    • Prepare research-based content, for public consumption, on outcome‐driven practices that can and have engaged and empowered local communities with chronic and emerging gang problems like those targeted in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, to create comprehensive solutions to prevent gang violence, reduce gang involvement, and suppress gang‐related crime.
    • Provide workshops to school staff, community-based organizations, students, and parents on gang-related topics for the purpose of increasing awareness and reducing the frequency and complications of gang activity.
    • Refer targeted youth/students to community activity groups for the purpose of providing support and encouraging a disassociation from gangs and creating connections with positive peer influences.
    • Train GA staff, community-based organizations, school officials, faith-based organizations, parents, students, and other community groups regarding trends in gang membership and behaviors including mode of dress, signing, and writing styles for the purpose of increasing awareness and reducing the frequency and complications of gang activity.
    • Provide motivational leadership and vision to the multi-agency teams, working collaboratively to facilitate the implementation of the work plan.
    • Facilitate coordination of activities of all consultants, paid and in-kind, to support work plan.
    • Facilitate the organization of workgroups, implementation of work plan strategies, and community campaigns.
    • Ensure effective grant and budget management.
    • Provide timely preparation of all management and grant required reports, including preparation/submission of written narrative and fiscal progress reports, statistics, and reports to funder.
    • Participate in all appropriate community activities, meetings, and trainings.
    • Assure implementation of evidence-based practices.
    • Provide training and technical assistance to multi-agency teams and key community sectors.
    • Oversee data management to assure complete, accurate data upload.
    • Responsible for data integrity: Review data quality and assure that expected records have been entered into data management
    • Assist in developing new programs to support the strategic direction of Gang Alternative, Inc.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Qualifications and Competencies

    • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Criminal Justice, or related field.
    • Five years of experience in coordinating activities targeting at-risk youth.
    • Demonstrated experience working in the field of gang violence prevention, intervention, reduction, or suppression.
    • Demonstrated familiarity with the gang landscapes of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.
    • Demonstrated familiarity with OJJDP’s Comprehensive Gang Model
    • Demonstrated experience overseeing violence prevention/violence reduction programming would be an asset.
    • Demonstrated experience preparing federal reports, in particular to the Office of Juvenile Justice.
    • Demonstrated experience in working with evidence-based violence intervention and prevention models and culturally relevant adaptations for the target community.
    • Highly effective leadership and community outreach skills, which includes prior experience coordinating with community partners, community development and planning to bring about desired results.
    • Demonstrated ability in managing grants including experience with the data-driven, outcome-based planning and reporting
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, cultural competence, and ability to work effectively with youth and adult volunteers.
    • Knowledge of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties service providers.


    • This position may require independent travel between workstations and other sites. Consequently, the incumbent must always maintain valid Driver’s License and insurance coverage on personal vehicle during employment.
    • Performing the duties of this position requires the ability to walk, sit, stand, reach, talk, hear and lift presentation materials, including equipment.

    Gang Alternative, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity employer. Personnel are chosen based on ability without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation, in accordance with federal and state law.

    Gang Alternative, Inc. is a Drug-Free Workplace.



    This is an outstanding opportunity to be a part of a highly effective nonprofit program and partner with the other members of the Middle Management team. Gang Alternative, Inc. will offer a competitive compensation package including base salary, health, 403b, and vacation benefits.



    This position shall have access to information in a personnel and client’s record only to the extent that such information is required to carry out job duties. Any information obtained will only be used by or disclosed to those who have a need to know to ensure the provision of quality client care. Staff and client information is to be held strictly confidential.

    The above statements are intended to describe the nature and level of work performed. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all duties required of personnel so classified. Responsibilities, knowledge, skill, abilities and working conditions may be supplemented or revised at any time.

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