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Urban Partnership
for Success Collaborative – Miami (UPSCM)

Urban Partnership for Success Collaborative – Miami (UPSCM)

Who we serve
High-risk neighborhoods
Miami-Dade County
What we do
Collaborative coordinating the work of 7 existing drug-free community coalitions
Urban Partnership For Success Collaborative – Miami (UPSCM)

Gang Alternative, Inc. values collaboration. Partnering with organizations and individuals that share our passion for preventing and reducing substance use in youth in South Florida falls under one of our Five Pillars of Service, Community Upliftment and Partnerships. When we work with others and share ideas, we see and understand how people work, think, negotiate and operate.

UPSCM focuses on community-driven efforts to advance substance abuse prevention in youth. We do this by meeting jointly with the Urban Partnership Drug Free Community Coalition (UPDFCC) every month  to discuss and implement strategies to change the social norms in the community and empower youth to lead healthier lives for brighter futures.

The goals are: 1) to strengthen alcohol and substance abuse prevention capacity at the community level; and, 2) to prevent the onset and reduce the progression of alcohol, marijuana and opioid use in youth aged 9-20.

A major emphasis is to provide data-driven planning and to achieve needed system and policy changes. Such change will have an enduring impact on conditions for youth living and growing up in high-risk neighborhoods and will expand the county’s data capacity so that all existing and future prevention work will be more effective.

UPSCM is funded by SAMHSA and meets with UPDFCC on the third Thursday of the month.


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