The Gang Alternative Technology Enrichment program (GATE) is an 8-week summer camp that incorporates evidence-and-research-based curriculum and strategies to offer underserved, at-risk youth the chance to explore new opportunities, gain new skills and develop new interests that will reduce their at-risk status and help them make healthy life choices. The GATE Program accomplishes this goal by providing youth with three types of instruction:

  • Coursework leading to exams for certification in Microsoft Office Specialist and AutoDesk/AutoCAD User.
  • Project-based workshops offered by Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to develop entrepreneurial skills through development of a business plan and key financial literacy skills.
  • Informational workshops offered by CRAMS to improve college access and readiness skills through academic readiness assessment, college-bound course planning and assistance to create a 4-year college readiness plan. Other workshops guide the students through strategies to meet their college choice, financial aid and entrance exam goals. Parental worships aid them in guiding their children through middle school to high school transitions as well as with their college planning concerns.