Guiding the Path to Success (GPS)-21st CCLC


Gang Alternative GPS 21st CCLC provides free afterschool, full day summer camp services to 50 students grades K-5th, and their parents and family members to promote academic success, personal growth and increased literacy. The GPS 21st CCLC Program targets students from three qualifying schools, Gratigny Elementary, Orchard Villa Elementary School and Poinciana Elementary School. Students receive homework assistance, literacy, physical activity &fitness, STEM and project-based learning.


Gratigny Elementary
11905 North Miami Ave., Miami FL 33168
Monday – Friday 3:00 PM -6:10 PM
Wednesday 2:05 PM- 6:10 PM

Poinciana Park Elementary School
6745 NW 23rd Ave., Miami, FL 33147
Monday – Friday 4:10 PM -6:10 PM
Wednesday 3:10 PM- 6:10 PM

Orchard Villa Elementary School
5720 NW 13th Ave., Miami, FL 33142
Monday- Friday 4:10 PM- 6:10PM
Wednesday 3:10 PM- 6:10 PM

Staff Contacts:

Program Coordinator: Esther Cherfils
Email : or (305) 494-1539

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All flyers are distributed onsite to parents of our students in the afterschool program through designate specific school staff.


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