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Opioid Prevention Project (OPP)

Opioid Prevention Project (OPP)

Who we serve
Youth ages 8-14 and their families
What we do
Provide programs and services to youth and families impacted by opioid addiction
Opioid Prevention Project (OPP)

According to SAMHSA and the CDC, prescription drug misuse (including opioids) is one of the fastest- growing drug problems in the US. Youth in our community are exposed to glamorized versions of substance use on a regular basis. By providing training and building partnerships with families and schools and, by strengthening our ties to community stakeholders, we can reduce risk.

Opioid Prevention Project (OPP) falls under our Health and Wellness Pillar and is a holistic program focused on reducing risk in youth to prevent opioid misuse, as well as delay the onset of any alcohol or drug use within high-risk communities.

We also serve a youth’s entire family through monthly parent and caregiver support groups, case management, and in-home therapy as needed.  Some of the ways we provide support are through:

  • Training in schools to increase resiliency and protective factors by providing accurate information and teaching techniques to support a healthier lifestyle
  • Providing a safe space for parents to come and talk about the support they need for their children as well as themselves, staffed by experienced professionals
  • Providing in-home substance abuse counseling to families and linking them to other meaningful services as needed

OPP is funded by the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention


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