Nap Tann

Who we serve: Teenagers, with a focus on Haitian and other Black teenagers
Where: Little Haiti and surrounding communities
Goal: To encourage youth to wait until marriage to have sex

At Gang Alterative, Inc., we believe in intentionally building healthy relationships. We encourage youth to establish personal lines of respect and live the best version of themselves. In their teenage years, puberty sometimes gets in the way of understanding healthy approaches to building relationships that last.

Nap Tann, which means “we will wait” in Creole, is under our Positive Youth Development Pillar of Service. Understanding that waiting until marriage to have sex can help teenagers focus on more meaningful ways to spend their time.

Working with youth both in and after-school, we help them understand healthy behaviors that contribute a life with purpose. Part of that is understanding how sex will factor into their lives in a positive and respectful way and how that fits into their future within the context of marriage.

Through Nap Tann, parents are also taught how to discuss sexual issues with their teens and increase their knowledge of teen sexual risks. In many cultures, sex is not openly discussed within the family and teens look elsewhere for answers, which may or may not be helpful in their healthy development towards adulthood.

Nap Tann works with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and a network of community and faith-based partners to provide age-specific communication skills in reaching teenagers “where they are at” with regards to sex and sexual activity.