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    Building Character

    Not-In-Our-School (NIOS)

    Not-In-Our-School (NIOS)

    Who we serve
    Middle school students
    Miami-Dade County
    What we do
    Educate students and train school personnel on preventing student violence
    Not-In-Our-School (NIOS)

    School violence is a national crisis resulting from deeper, more complex issues rooted in familial and community trauma. NIOS provides support to students to help them manage and heal from the challenges they face at home and in their communities. The program uses a trauma-focused approach, where students can gain the skills needed to reduce violent behaviors while addressing the root cause of the issue.

    Our thoughts lead to actions, and those actions lead to feelings about ourselves, which in turn lead to more thoughts. When that cycle is positive, students want to learn. When they feel good about themselves, they take positive action like self-improvement and self-honesty. NIOS teaches and reinforces these concepts to help students understand how this approach can influence their daily decisions.

    Not-in-Our-School (NIOS) is an in-school violence prevention program that provides middle school students with the tools they need to understand how positive action influences their thoughts, and feelings. This in turn helps prevent acts of violence in and around schools.

    This strategy includes gamification principles to reinforce positive behaviors in students and virtual learning opportunities. The program also consists of evidence-based training that teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to youth experiencing a mental health crisis.

    NIOS funded by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

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