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    Building Character

    Rebuilding Efforts, Networks,
    Education and Work (RENEW Broward)

    Rebuilding Efforts, Networks, Education and Work (RENEW Broward)

    Who we serve
    18-24-year-olds who have been arrested or charged with a crime
    Broward County
    What we do
    Re-entry program to help young adults transition back to their communities
    Rebuilding Efforts, Networks, Education and Work (RENEW Broward)

    For individuals released from the criminal justice system, the environment they return to can influence their ability to seek and maintain employment. Many returning citizens face multiple barriers, including substance abuse, unstable work history prior to being incarcerated, lack of housing and lack of training or education.

    Through RENEW Broward, participants also receive employment assistance, monetary incentives, ongoing legal support, navigational case management, transportation assistance, GED tutoring needed for high school completion, work readiness training, soft skills development and mentorship.

    Project RENEW helps young adults get education and occupational skills training that leads to an industry-recognized credential in the following fields: Construction & Building Trades; Transportation & Utilities; Professional & Business Services; Information Technology; Education & Health Services and Leisure & Hospitality.

    Participants who do not have high school equivalency have the option of enrolling in GED or High School Diploma programs. This program also reinforces soft skills (e.g., being on time to work, communication, and professionalism in the workplace) and provides the individual with work history for his or her resume.

    RENEW is funded by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

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