Circle of Strength (COS)

Who we serve: Parents, caregivers and children 4-18 years old
Where: NE Miami-Dade County
Goal: Providing households with support for the material, educational and emotional needs of children

Raising children in an uncertain world can be a scary thing, especially during a pandemic. Families can be in crisis and not understand how to feel better and move forward. We respect all the different types of families that live in NE Miami-Dade County and support them to be strong and healthy.

Circle of Strength (COS) helps families with the resources and skills to deal with the emotional, social and psychological consequences of abuse and other horrible experiences. COS is under our Health and Wellness Pillar of Service.

We understand it can be difficult to ask for help, and we provide in-home counseling to help families feel more comfortable. We teach ways to deal with stress and better approaches for families to communicate with each other.

Linking families to other services is another way to provide long-lasting support for healthy behaviors. Those services could include helping with temporary shelter, getting a job and access to healthcare.

Connecting thoughts, feelings and behaviors is important and helps children and parents understand their world better. COS can support families through education and improve their overall mental and emotional health.

COS is funded by The Children’s Trust.