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    Meet our team

    Board of Directors

    Rick Sawyer Chair
    Gary Hartfield Member
    Morris Copeland Member
    Joseph Martin Member

    Executive Team

    Michael Nozile President / CEO
    Open Position Director of Operations
    Barbara Toledo Director of Programs
    Sylvester Henry Director of Finance
    Dr. Icilda Humes Director of Organizational Development and Workforce Development

    Management Team

    Gregory Cannion Program Coordinator, The Alternative
    Ashley Raphael Program Manager, MVP88 & Nap Tann
    Stephanie Adams Program Manager, UPLIFT
    Carline Nozile Program Manager
    Farllond Alexis Program Manager, BLOC
    Va-Lita Morris Program Manager, COS & COSP
    Emily Kegel Program Coordinator, STEP-UP
    Felicia Meeks Program Coordinator, SUPPORT
    David Contois Communications and Outreach Director
    Victoria Brown Program Manager, RENEW Broward & RENEW Dade
    Thomas Thompson Program Manager, HERO
    Edward Hudson Program Manager, CAREERRS
    Jeanine Peterson Program Manager, GPS & GPS 21
    Jose Gonzalez Youth Coordinator, Youth Splash & Kid Splash
    Open Position Coalition Coordinator, UPDFCC
    Open Position Public Policy Manager, UPSCM
    Donna Smith Program Manager, EFFECT
    Shannen Davis Program Manager, OPP & COS-CVAC
    Open Position Human Resources Manager