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    Board of Directors

    Rick Sawyer Chair
    Gary Hartfield Member
    Morris Copeland Member
    Joseph Martin Member

    Executive Team

    Michael Nozile President / CEO
    Dr. Icilda Humes Chief of Staff
    Ludnel St.Preux Director of Operations
    Sylvester Henry Chief Financial Officer

    Senior Management Team

    Ashley Raphael Senior Program Manager, Nap Tann, NIOS, W3 -We Will Wait, SELFI, RISE, RESIST, YEP
    Victoria Brown Senior Program Manager, RENEW Broward & RENEW Dade, CAREERRS, EFFECT, HERO, VIP, The Alternative, NIOS, STEP-UP & SUPPORT
    Jeanine Peterson Senior Program Manager, GPS & GPS 21st, BLOC, COS/COSP, UPLIFT
    Shannen Davis Senior Program Manager, OPP, COS-CVAC, SMART, UPDFCC/UPSCM, Medicaid

    Management Team

    Paulony St-Hilaire Program Manager, The Alternative & VIP
    Stephanie Adams Program Manager, UPLIFT
    Carline Nozile Program Manager, YEP Dade & YEP Broward
    Farllond Alexis Program Manager, BLOC
    Va-Lita Morris Program Manager, COS & COSP
    Emily Kegel Program Coordinator, STEP-UP & SUPPORT
    Thomas Thompson Program Manager, HERO
    Edward Hudson Program Manager, CAREERRS & EFFECT
    Jose Gonzalez Youth Coordinator, Youth Splash & Kid Splash
    Jeannette Colwell Public Policy/Coalition Manager, UPSCM
    Open Position Human Resources Manager



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