Building Character

We Will Wait

We Will Wait (W3)

Who we serve
High school-aged youth
Broward County
What we do
In-school and after-school programming that educates youth on how to reduce risky behaviors and build healthy, successful relationships
We Will Wait (W3)

We Will Wait (W3) empowers teens with the skills they need to establish healthy relationships and avoid risky behaviors.  Through W3’s in-school and after-school programming, teens living in Broward County learn how to establish personal lines of respect, goal setting, negotiation skills, and healthy coping mechanisms to build relationships that last.

W3’s evidence-based programming teaches teens about the dangers of dating violence and the importance of being intentional in planning for the future. W3 also helps teens to build their self-esteem and discover ways to live a life with purpose and self-worth.

At Gang Alternative, we believe in equipping youth with the tools to develop meaningful, nurturing connections to help improve their outcomes in life. As part of this approach, W3 empowers parents and other trusted adults to positively influence their teen’s approach to romantic relationships by improving communication around this topic and increasing their knowledge of teen risks.

W3 was made possible by Funding Opportunity Number HHS-2021-ACF-ACYF-SR-1927 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

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