Building Character


Family Strengthening

Family Strengthening

Gang Alternative, Inc. (GA) recognizes that ‘family’ is the basic unit of society and its structure and dynamics influence the development of an individual’s personality and often his/her character.

To become successful and productive citizens, children need to learn to communicate effectively, deal with their emotions, and get along well with others. They build these important skills through interactions with their family and with other people in their lives.

Consequently, GA’s approach to family strengthening is based on the need to build protective factors and reduce risk factors by creating sound family environments that will promote and yield positive outcomes for children and ultimately, for our communities. GA’s uses the Strategic Prevention Framework to support accountability, capacity and effectiveness in our family strengthening programming. This framework includes assessment of the situation; building capacity to address needs; developing a care plan; implementing evidence-based programming; and monitoring and evaluating outcomes.   

Our family strengthening programs and services are designed to provide parents and other caregivers with resources, support and strategies to positively contribute to a healthy home environment.

Our efforts are intentional and aim to welcome our program participants and their families into our GA family. And as with any well-functioning family, our GA family pours support, love, care and respect into our folks creating a sense of belonging, a sense of worth and a sense of security.

Under our Family Strengthening Pillar of Service, we provide the following services:

  • Parenting education and support (individual and group) to address truancy, behavioral and other issues
  • Care coordination in the form of providing access to various resources for families including emergency housing, food and transportation assistance
  • Case management to prevent and alleviate child malnourishment and maltreatment