Building Character

Youth Excellence
Program (YEP)

Youth Excellence Program (YEP)

Who we serve
Youth ages 11-18
Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown, Little Havana, North Miami and Miami Gardens
What we do
In-school life skills and substance abuse prevention program
Youth Excellence Program (YEP)

Underage drinking and drug use can affect anyone. Nearly every child is exposed to violence, stress, anger, drugs, drinking and poverty; if not in their neighborhood then through other classmates or in the media. Youth with poor school attendance, low academic performance, low income, recent immigration, or at-risk of abuse/neglect are at greater risk for substance use.

YEP is under Positive Youth Development in our Five Pillars of Service and is an in-school program that teaches elementary, middle and high school students skills, strategies and tools to resist drugs including marijuana, opiates, alcohol and other mind altering substances. We also teach about the dangers of tobacco.

Our Youth Prevention Specialists teach students positive ways to cope with stress and help them learn what works best for them as individuals.  We show youth to stand up for themselves in positive ways and build self-confidence to carry with them for life. Some students receive individual support and services if needed.

YEP is sponsored by Thriving Mind South Florida and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families to provide substance abuse prevention services.


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