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Project GO (Growth Opportunity)

Project GO (Growth Opportunity)

Who we serve
Youth 18-24 years old
Miami-Dade County
What we do
Provide justice-involved youth with occupational and soft-skills training
Project GO (Growth Opportunity)

Project GO (Growth Opportunity) provides career development opportunities to young adults ages 18-24 who have dropped out of high school for disciplinary reasons, who have a history of violent criminal offenses or gang affiliation, and/or have been assessed as having anti-social attitudes. Project GO offers a pathway for justice-involved youth that leads toward self-sufficiency through technical skill development and social development in the form of occupational and soft skills training.

Participants are assisted with enrolling and completing employability programs of their preferred career pathway, attaining industry-recognized credentials and real-life work experience (OJT, Apprenticeships, etc.) and securing employment opportunities that pay self-sufficient wages that help to decrease recidivism.

This program uses an evidence-based approach to help reduce the barriers that justice-involved youth face in securing and maintaining employment. As part of our workforce development’s wraparound integrated services & case management, GO also provides behavioral education that addresses antisocial behavior and/or substance use.

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