Building Character

Project SELFI
(Sex Education Through Learning and Family-Involvement)

Project SELFI (Sex Education Through Learning and Family-Involvement)

Who we serve
Middle-school aged youth
Miami-Dade County
What we do
After-school programming that teaches youth how to build healthy relationships
Project SELFI (Sex Education Through Learning and Family-Involvement)

Since 2005, Gang Alternative, Inc. has been providing prevention services to child and youth living in Miami-Dade County using evidence-based programming. Over the years GA has identified the need for more culturally representative curricula specifically designed to address the complexities of communities across South Florida. Using its experience as a prevention provider and community convener, Gang Alternative created a new curriculum, SELFI, a comprehensive prevention program that builds youth resiliency and protective factors, while helping them develop the skills needed for a successful life.

SELFI is specifically designed to meet the needs of minority youth and uses culturally specific and innovative strategies to reduce risky behavior among youth.

SELFI includes topics like healthy relationships, adolescent development, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, parent-child communication, education and career success, and healthy life skills to support positive youth development among middle school youth.

SELFI was made possible by Funding Opportunity Number HHS-2021-ACF-ACYF-AP-1928 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

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