Urban Partnership Drug Free Community Coalition (UPDFCC)

The Urban Partnership Drug-Free Community Coalition (UPDFCC) is a community focused initiative dedicated to educating, empowering and saving today’s youth. UPDFCC originated as a collaboration of indigenous community churches, providers and stakeholders from the Greater Liberty City/Little Haiti community, who joined together in 2009 with a sense of urgency to address their community’s high risk for negative child outcomes with a strong focus on the abuse of marijuana and alcohol.

UPDFCC is made up of 12 sectors (youth, parent, business, media, schools, youth serving organizations, law enforcement, civic/volunteer, religious and fraternal organizations, healthcare professionals, state or tribal government agencies in the field of substance abuse and substance abuse agencies). Professionals from these sectors meet monthly to discuss strategies on how to change the social norms of their community and families through environmental strategies to raise awareness, campaigns and community wide events.

UPDFCC is always in search of active members, community partners and sponsors to help serve in our coalition as ambassadors of change in our communities through their donation of time, professional expertise, commitment and talents. In addition, we also the help from community champions who are willing to donate space, equipment, skills, talents, and above all financial sponsorship assistance.

Additionally, we believe there is no greater voice then the “voices” of our youth. UPDFCC has established a Youth Frontliners Coalition (YFC). The YFC is a peer-led movement made up of students who are trained using the Lead and Seed Curriculum. Through this training, middle and high school students have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to carry out environmental strategies on a youth level within their schools and community.

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